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Hi, I’m Patrick/Patti, non-binary, trans husband/father AMAB, in love with my Goddess, a true girlieboy, passionate about women, feminism, trans rights, equality, travel, food, and making the world a prettier and nicer place. This blog is an expression of my id, my non-binary self, coping with the world around me. I could not survive without being able to express femininity, but also coping with dysphoria through D/s. Writing helps me process emotion, clarify thoughts.

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Hi, I’m Patti. I used to be a business executive. Now I do other things, including raising children, cooking, travelling. I have been writing all kinds of things as a vanilla author and as a writer of erotica, all under different pen names. This site is an exploration of several facets of my life, my id, my super-ego, and my ego. I believe that the patriarchy is evil, and would like to see it destroyed.

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